Ashley Guarrasi’s Boxing Diaries 2.0


Brand fans the yensistsers attended our boxing event run by Ashley Guarrasi last month at our Malibu store. Here’s what they had to say about it:

We had the pleasure of attending Ashley Guarrasi‘s second Boxing Diaries event on 9/18 held at hpe clothing in Malibu! ???? We had our hair braided by the amazing @ariannachayleneblean. ?? I’ve always wanted really tight boxer braids and Arianna did it perfectly and even added gold hoop rings on my braids and silver hoop rings on Eve’s for touch of extra badass-ness! ✨ I loved the hair products she used – @aghair The Oil to prep our hair and finished with @theouai Soft Hairspray. They smelled sooo heavenly and secured our braids so well even when we were out in the sun sweating our booties off! ?? I would say boxer braids are the only hairstyle that COMPLETELY 100% keeps our hair and even the tiniest wispys out of our faces while working out. That’s gotta be my favorite part about braids. Hair out of the way makes me a happy girl! ??

After everyone got their hair did, we stepped outside of the store and started some boxing warm ups, which led to one on one sessions with Ashley and her fellow boxing warrior princess ? Lindsay Coke. The pair were so diligent about showing us every move precisely and making sure we were jabbing, upper cutting, hooking, and stepping in correct form. ?? It was such a fun work out and the best part was that we got to meet so many awesome girl bosses from experienced boxers to first timers like us all over SoCal! ?????

We hydrated ? ourselves after class with refreshing @niusuperfoods smoothies. The Mint Matcha was our favorite flavor! LOVE Matcha everything! ? We were also given goody bags filled with the sweetest and lightest smelling Gardenia scented @kaifragrance hand cream, deodorant, and tank + the cutest fox lip balm + colorful no crease hair ties. ✨

A huge takeaway from this event was ✖️SELF DEFENSE✖️ for me. I was talking to Lindsay after the one on one sessions and we both agreed it’s so important for women to know the basics of self defense and boxing is such a great tool to show your attacker that you’re not afraid and can stand up for yourself so they don’t want to mess with you. ?? It’s always more likely that an attacker will target you if you cower rather than get into your boxing stance to show them you’re not afraid of them. ????

Now that we’ve gotten a sneak peek and fell in love with boxing, you bet we’re going to make use of the Title boxing wrap we got at Boxing Diaries! We scheduled in a private class with Ashley (finally! so excited!) on Thursday before she leaves us for NYC! ? We’ll check back in with you and let you know how that goes! Thank you Ashley for squeezing us in your busy schedule during your last few days in LA! ?❤️

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Breakfast Smoothie Bowl


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Carob-Banana Protein Smoothie


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Matcha Power Smoothie


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